Disability is Diversity

Diversability is an award-winning movement to rebrand disability through the power of community.

The #DiversAbleModel Project

Earlier this month, a fellow chloe + isabel merchandiser Amanda Frantz launched The #DiversAbleModel Project, an initiative to break stereotypes of the typical "model."

Adapted from her Facebook post, Amanda in her own words...


At the end of September I joined a company called Chloe + Isabel as a Merchandiser. Simply put, I sell high-fashion jewelry at amazing prices. From the start, I knew this company was different in its approach to direct sales. I became part of a community I never imagined I'd be involved with. We are a national group of women (and men too!) with hundreds of different backgrounds and walks of life. All across America, people come to us Merchandisers for styling advice, perfect gifts, high quality and up-to-date fashion. We depend on each other for support, ideas, and a kick in the rear when necessary. In the few months I've been with C+I, I've learned what it really means to be an empowered and empowering woman.
C+I is also a company that is always looking to move forward, improve, and grow. Each and every message sent to our Care Team is read, responded to, and genuinely considered. Many changes have come as a result of Merchandiser input. This project I've started, DiversAble Model, is a step I'm taking to start a major change! My short-term goal is to have this amazing company jump on board with me and begin featuring DiversAble Models in our lookbooks and other promotional content. My long-term goal is to change the way our society sees "beauty."
Who is a DiversAble Model?
She is YOU! The truth is, we are all DiversAble Models. We all have different abilities, and limitations. This project specifically focuses on reaching out to women with physical disabilities. The reason for this focus is because I've never seen a woman with physical disabilities featured with everyone else in the fashion industry at large. Our society has stereotyped the word/meaning of beauty. Although we have tried to stretch our minds by including "Plus Sized Models" in our magazines, we have a long way to go. This opportunity allows a DiversAble woman to wear my gorgeous jewelry and be featured on my business page, personal page, Instagram, online boutique, and her image will be posted by me onto Chloe + Isabel pages. I am working with a friend who is an amazing photographer, Sarah Hyde, to get these photos to a professional quality. We currently have 12 DiversAble Models who have agreed to join me in this movement. Every DiversAble Model chooses and purchases the jewelry they wish to wear for their picture. As it stands, each woman will be featured in the above mentioned ways for a full month! I will be including short bios for each model.
I am accepting interested DiversAble Models on an ongoing basis, but this first group will be the first to be featured. The amount of time each model is featured will depend on the number of models I get. The more people we have, the more likely we are to see change!
Who is a DiversAble Model Ally?
This person is any woman or man who supports people with disabilities and/or is in support of this project. This person wants to make a difference in the societal attitudes about beauty and disabilities. This person is willing to promote this project through social media and any connections they may have. They desire to share resources that could help further the goals of this project. Recognizing that many individuals with disabilities live on a fixed income, a DiversAble Model Ally is willing to purchase a piece of jewelry for a DiversAble Model who can't afford to. They are willing to make a purchase from my online boutique for themselves in an effort to financially support this project. Currently, we have two DiversAble Model Allies, but we need a whole lot more for this to succeed.
If you would like more information on becoming a DiversAble Model or a DiversAble Model Ally, please contact Amanda at Mandi's CandI Shop.