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Diversability is an award-winning movement to rebrand disability through the power of community.

Meet Us at #TechInclusion16 in San Francisco, October 26-27

You may remember we were a media partner of Tech Inclusion NY earlier this year. We are excited to partner with Change Catalyst again to be a partner of next week's Tech Inclusion SF presented by Google for Entrepreneurs. 

Join us for this inclusive tech event, where you’ll experience inclusive and accessible design, find diverse talent, learn new solutions to diversity and inclusion, meet underrepresented entrepreneurs and investors, speak with policy makers and educators, and network with other people who care about creating change in the tech ecosystem.

We wanted to give you a chance to meet a few members of the Diversability community who will be in attendance. We asked them what tech inclusion meant to them and which part of the conference they are most excited about.

Brittany Déjean, Founder & Director, AbleThrive

I love to get AbleThrive represented in spaces where people care about inclusion, particularly those who don't have experience and are looking to learn. It's my favorite environment to be an ally to spark conversations with attendees, find out why they're there and see what I can do to support their journey. As for people with disabilities there, I aim to spread AbleThrive and build more support within the community. Also, now that I'm officially living here, I'm eager to get more exposure in this area and meet as many people as possible to strengthen our networks.

I'm excited to see which companies are making a commitment to inclusion that includes people with disabilities. 

Nick Lum, Founder & CEO, BeeLine Reader

Tech inclusion is about universal design—building products that are accessible to a wide range of people. This requires empathy and understanding, as well as having diverse teams involved in designing, building, and testing products. Not surprisingly, the panel I’m most excited about is Accessibility and Inclusive Design! Can’t wait to hear from speakers and meet with other inclusivity-minded technologists.

Register at sf16.techinclusion.coEnjoy 20% off your ticket using the code DiversAbility20percent.