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Meet Us at #TechInclusion in SF October 17-19

We are proud to be a community partner of Tech Inclusion San Francisco from October 17-19, focusing on solutions to diversity and inclusion in technology. Regardless of where you start your diversity and inclusion work, recruiting efforts MUST be paired with developing a truly inclusive culture — which means deliberately designing inclusive spaces, meetings, communications, decision-making and other processes; creating mentorship and leadership development programs; making compensation and promotion equitable; and much more. Join the conversation as we look at solutions and consider pathways for intentional growth.

We wanted to give you the chance to meet some of our Diversability community members who will be in attendance. Say hi if you meet us!

Alvaro Silberstein (@alvasil)


"For me, tech inclusion means how we make sure that the disruption of technology in the world benefits the majority of the world's population and not just a few. In the world's history, big changes as Industrial Revolution, or disruption of cities in the 20th century caused a positive impact in some people, but also a negative one in others that were not considered. We need to make sure that the tech disruption we are living in considers each of us in this world, to increase equal opportunities and enable the world for all."

Brittany Dejean (@AbleThrive)


"Tech Inclusion is a unique opportunity for me to be at the intersection of tech, diversity and disability - for AbleThrive this is exactly the community I need to spend time with and be networked with. I'm excited to hear from Rita Kallas, speaking on representation and media and also to hear the speakers in the panels on the new Ability in Tech track. It's awesome that Tech Inclusion has made a concerted effort to ensure that disability is included in the diversity dialog."

Cami Vivallo


"I think Tech Inclusion is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with people that are doing things for disabled people and see how we can all help to empower and be more inclusive with everyone that surrounds us. I'm very excited about Phil Dillard and his veterans in Tech session, because I really want to understand how we can include vets to many different areas, specially disabled ones and how we can help them be more independent, understanding they're background and issues."

Jack Hogan


"I'm quite excited for Tech inclusion. I have been trying to build out products to drive inclusion for years so its nice to see all these people gathering under one roof to move this agenda forward. 

This year I am delighted by the inclusion of a track focusing specifically on disability. My hope is that this is so successful that next year disability speakers are simply integrated into the normal conference and panel line up with out needing a special track.

Speakers: I'm quite interested in seeing Beth Rosenberg from Tech Kids Unlimited. I love what her organization is doing in New York preparing youth on the spectrum with coding camps.

I'm also quite interested in the panel on neurodiversity in the work place. I really enjoy hearing from Aubrey Blanche (Atlassian) and Rachel Williams from Yelp.

Also looking forward to hearing from Laura Gomez from Atipica. I'm looking forward to learning about the strides they are making towards removing bias using data analytics."

Reid Davenport (@ReidDavenport)


"I'm very interested in using technology to enable people with disabilities to make videos and films from their perspectives.  Too often, media portrayals of disability perpetuate stigmas.  With social media, there is an unprecedentedopportunity to take back the narrative.  People with disabilities should make amateur videos by duct taping camera phones to their wheelchairs.  They should use visuals in the complete absence of sound and vice versa for people who are deaf and/or blind.  They can use technology to impress their literal physicality into their videos."


On October 17, join Tech Inclusion's Career Fair for 11am-3pm. Please make sure you register if you plan on attending.

The two-day conference is on October 18-19th. Featuring amazing speakers from the local and national stage, the goal of the day is to inspire everyone to work together and learn from each other – to make the local industry more inclusive! 

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