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Outing: No Barriers Summit NYC Class of 2018

All members of the Class of 2018 will receive access to an exclusive online educational activity, acceptance to the 2-day No Barriers Summit NYC  (Opening Ceremony, Elective Activities, the No Barriers Questival, and No Barriers LIVE), and admission to the new No Barriers online alumni community. Members who select tracks or enroll in the Leadership in Business Workshop will pursue specialized programming at various points during the No Barriers Summit.

Expectations as a Member of the No Barriers Class of 2018

  • Complete exclusive online educational activities that explore the No Barriers Life
  • Fully participate in the 2-day No Barriers Summit NYC
  • Make a pledge outlining a specific goal you want to accomplish
  • Participate in the No Barriers online alumni community
  • Live a No Barriers Life

Apply to join at no cost or enroll in the leadership in business workshop!