Diversability is an award-winning social enterprise to rebrand disability through the power of community.

Diversability is an award-winning movement to rebrand disability through the power of community.

Candice Takes Over Diversability's Instagram

In case you missed it, we have been hosting a series of Instagram takeovers, featuring members of our community. Candice just finished her takeover and took the time to answer a few more questions for us.

What is your name? Candice Tsegga Wallace

Where are you from? Highland, CA

Why did you choose to participate in your takeover? I chose to participate in the takeover challenge to support the Diversability mission and share the good news about my new company GraceBrace, an online marketplace where you can resell previously used medical equipment (primarily mobility devices). 

What is something you wanted to share but didn’t get to during your takeover? "Let your why determine your want"

What does Diversability mean to you? Championing humanity 

Seeing the World the Tony Giles Way

Wandering around the markets of Israel, adventurer Tony Giles takes it all in. The smells of the surrounding food booths, the sounds of the people chattering about, and the feeling of individuals brushing past him. Somehow, one of those passersby manages to bump into him just hard enough to send him flying into a nearby store. In the blink of an eye, Giles finds himself being strangled by scarves in his new surroundings. Swatting at them, he eventually finds his way out, realizing that he was almost strangled — by scarves.

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