Celebrating our diverse disability lived experiences through the power of community

Diversability is an award-winning movement to rebrand disability through the power of community.

Our Community

Without our community, there would be no Diversability.  


From time to time, we'll have events in various cities. We'll also share interesting events hosted by some of our friends. Our events are intimate, informal, confidential, friendly, inclusive, supportive, non-judgmental and non-intimidating. We're more likely to chat and organize as we see needed. You will always have someone to talk to.  We treat each other how'd we like to be treated, we advocate for one another, and we're more vulnerable and less rigid and robotic than other events. Come as you are. Join us at the table.



Even if you can't meet us in person, please join our online community. This is the group for you if you are looking to connect with others and continue the conversation. Maybe you are looking to connect with our community, want to share what you're working on, have come across some interesting events/projects/content, or need a dose of inspiration and support in your life. 

This is the place to share, be welcoming, open, and honest, and lift each other up. This is not the place for people who: don't want to make real conversation, won't reciprocate support for others, and don't share similar values of inclusion and empowerment. If this sounds like you, welcome - feel free to invite a friend.

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What People Are Saying

I really appreciate your connecting me with this community... I feel a renewed sense of identity and hope for something I’ve felt that has been missing for a while.
— Donna Lee, NIC (Certified ASL Interpreter)
It [Diversability Live!] was a lot of fun. [...] Super excited about this, and so glad to have connected with the community!
— Nick Lum, Founder of BeeLine Reader & Tech Awards Laureate
I love this group [Diversability Community]! As person with a disability who has struggled daily with feeling like the only one it’s nice to have spaces like this to connect with others.
— Jenna Alvarez, Founder of More Than My Disability LLC
Thank you to everyone at Diversability for your continual support. We are extremely grateful to have found this group of wonderful people.
— Heather McCarthy, Co-Creator of Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books