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Meet Us at #TechInclusion in #NewYork August 9-10

We are excited to be a partner of Tech Inclusion New York. On August 9-10, we will be joining the conversation to be part of the solution to improving Diversity & Inclusion in NY tech. What will we do to ensure that innovation is inclusive for everyone?

We wanted to give you the chance to meet some of our Diversability community members who will be in attendance. Say hi if you meet us!

Emily Ladau (@emily_ladau)

Photo credit: Rick Guidotti

Photo credit: Rick Guidotti

"I actually received the email about Tech Inclusion happening again. I'd genuinely love to attend again, because I got so much out of the experience last year. 

To me, tech inclusion means making the tech world - both as a business, and the products - fully accessible. Accessible technology doesn't just benefit people with disabilities; it benefits everyone. And to be fully inclusive, we must include members of the disability community at all levels in the tech industry, from development to consumption. Tech inclusion means truly including all.

I'm most excited to hear from presenters of multiple marginalized identities, and do hope to hear from presenters with disabilities."

Hiroko Nishimura (@nishimurahiroko)


"I work at an AdTech Start Up in NYC, and just today, I was having a "lunch with an executive" where I was discussing my hopes for bringing in more inclusiveness, both to our product(s), and in the company culture itself.

I am interested in the panels and speakers at this conference, and can't believe that there is a whole conference devoted to the "field" I hope to find myself in, which is the conglomerate of accessibility, inclusion, and tech.  I hope to one day work in the fields of assistive technology and education, and hope this conference may allow me to explore my options more."

Kieran O'Brien Kern (@KieranOBK)

"Tech Inclusion NY 16 afforded me the opportunity to meet and learn from people who saw inclusion as critical to success and not a necessary evil. These individuals were on every level of the success ladder from job seekers fresh out of college, to HR teams, and ultimately the C-Suite.  My overall feeling is that while the path to inclusion is far from smooth, the commitment to it is solid.

Since the last conference, our social and political climate has shifted; I remain optimistic that this commitment to giving everyone a spot at the table is stronger than ever. I am most looking forward to learning about the research, actions and innovations of the last year in diversity initiatives and connecting with the powers-that-be that are driving them and the existing and potential employees that are benefiting from them now."

Sam Berman (@cerebralposi)

"I'm interested in attending Tech Inclusion NY because technology is a powerful tool that enables people with disabilities to live more independently and autonomously. I want to learn more ways I can help make the world a more accessible place and connect with other people who feel the same."

Xian Horn (@XianForBeauty83)

"Last year, emphasized for me the importance of representation - and in attending, I'd like to support representation of people with disabilities (which is often not mentioned enough in conversations around diversity) and again be a part of and contribute to the valuable discussions that have stayed with me until today. For example, a powerful moment for me last year was the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) Commissioner Victor Calise's presentation, where he highlighted NYC's 4% employment rate for people with disabilities (PWDs), and urged companies to hire with the PWD talent pool in mind. It has strengthened my resolve to improve these numbers and start an initiative I had been working on, called Changeblazer, Inc.  

On a side note: Tech Inclusion was also the place where I reconnected with someone I had met a few months earlier - who had just begun blogging for Forbes. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have been featured in Forbes three times. Thanks Tech Inclusion for making this possible!"

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Note the Career Fair on August 9 is free to attend: https://ny17.techinclusion.co/page/1298221/career-fair