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Guest Post: You're Invited to Join the Women’s Disability and Disease Alliance.

By Selma Sulejman

The word "woman" is symbolically expressed throughout society in diverse mechanisms.

Yet, to me, here’s what this term means: will-power, optimism, marvelous, empowerment, and noble.

Women around the globe who face diverse disabilities and/or illnesses are too often stigmatized and discriminated against due to their limitations. Most importantly, we -- as women with disabilities -- are frequently viewed and identified by our disability, not by our abilities.

With this in mind, the Women’s Disability and Disease Alliance, is calling all women within the disability and public health communities to join our exciting, innovative movement!

The mission of the alliance is to empower women around the globe despite their adverse situations, to provide resources and a place to express one’s self without any judgement, and lastly, to improve equality for women within the disability culture both ethically and professionally.

On the same token, the alliance shall strive to expand unity among various disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, socio-demographics, and religions.

The alliance will curate  an online platform where women with disabilities can connect and meet one another. In addition to the platform, the virtual aspect will also include useful advocacy videos, readings, and research that will be continuously updated.

The long-term goal is to provide a sense of hope to those who feel alone when facing disability and disease by working towards improving the way society views disability and creating a platform for allies, caregivers and women with disabilities to share their stories and ideas.

As a young woman who is living with a permanent disability/disease, it is my utmost desire to curate a platform where women can voice these emotions, chosen philosophies and come together to develop methods in which society will better understand us and our needs. Most of all, I hope that this cause can bring us closer to equality.

I want my fellow companions to know that, should you join this alliance, change in society may come slow, but it will come.

I am driven by nothing less than justice, intersectionality, compassion for others, and love; I strive to create a more inclusive society for all women and girls with disabilities.

So, whatever your niche may be, please come and help me make this dream a reality to create a better tomorrow! Together, let's expand our roles as women and allow our capabilities to shine.

Join the movement.

Interested in joining the alliance? Contact Selma Sulejman at sulejmanselma89@gmail.com